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There is no place for them in PA, this isn't Idaho, Montana Wyoming etc. Cougars are big animals and they don't live on rabbits and possums, they need a substantial amount of meat. Areas that have cougars have problems with them killing domestic animals as well as deer and elk and other big game animals. I know you aren't trying to make a case that we may have them but one thing those who believe they are here do not consider is how many times have you heard about calves or colts being killed and buried by something. If farmers were loosing animals to cougars they would certainly know their animals are missing and If there were cougars in PA there would be farm animals killed because they are easier to kill than deer. Just look at how sportsmen react the the coyotes killing deer, imaging if we had cougars which are substantially larger and therefore need more meat. To believe that cougars could coexist in PA with humans and no one would know abut it is just plain not being realistic.
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