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Originally Posted by Nomercy448
If I read that correctly, you’re doing a straight neck down to create a false shoulder, and using a cornmeal/CoW fireforming process, yes?

Would you happen to know the case capacity difference between the 6.5-06 AI and the Gibbs? What dies are you using for the Gibbs? I have one of my .30-06’s torn apart right now and have been strongly considering 6.5-06 AI, but I’m thinking the Gibbs looks to have a bit extra case capacity.
yes that's correct, there is a difference of case capacity of around 7 grains of H20, the dies I use are just a 2 die set of 6.5 Gibbs dies, to do it over again I would go 6.5/06 AI, it will still outrun the 264 by 100 fps, and the easiest of the 2 by far to form brass, with the 6.5/06 AI just prime and charge a 25/06 case with a top level load and seat any .264 boatail bullet, and fire, accuracy will be much better with fireform loads in the AI.

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