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Maybe because my eyes are steadily getting worse despite a couple of surgeries and Laser corrections, I like the holo Red Dots. Took only a few minutes to make the correction on where I was looking, the red dot was higher than I'm used to, but I picked up the difference and imprinted it fairly quickly. The trick for me was to shoot it like a shotgun both eyes open, instead of a pistol where I usually squint my off eye. A nearly instant system for me to shoot a pistol is to look at my target and almost instantly refocus on the front sight. Since my eyes are crap the front sight is hard to focus on, red dots stand out. A lot of precision pistol shooters are switching to holo sights since they became legal in competition and are winning with them.
Everybody is a little different, but they work for me. Hard to explain but the red dot being parallax free seems to help in some way I find hard to explain.
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