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Originally Posted by flags View Post
He scores nothing as long as he is on the hoof. Until he wears a tag and hangs on a game pole the score isn't relevant.
well his score wouldn;t change really dead or alive(minus the slight shrinking that happens)
so if a person wanted to KNOW the ball park score of a buck
its a very legitimate question to ask , maybe more experienced hunters that can guess close to what it its

as this is how many folks learn to judge size
which can be a VERY expensive lesson to learn, if your hunting a private property that has a size limit on what a hunter can kill without getting a fine or some other penalty!
so learning how to SCORE a buck while its alive can be a very important tool for many hunters to learn, ir maybe they just want to learn how to score and get better at it?/

SO< as is, he still would score something ina picture as for a GUESS On what it MIGHT score after being dead and cured!

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