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Default Black-Death hunting Blinds

Today I want to introduce you to our new “BLACK-DEATH BLINDS”. We have used almost every kind of hunting blind fabric out there and nothing seemed to satisfy our needs. Some are made from PVC or nylon fabric that is sliced and diced with slit openings that don’t hide your movements. They make a swishing sound when rubbed together or blown in the breeze, they are a single year use blind, they deteriorate and fade in the sun going from greens to a brownish orange just within a few days.

Other types are blind fabrics have a rubberized backing, zippers to enter, ties to hold them in place, they are heavy and expensive to purchase.

We knew we could improve on what’s available….

It is our BLACK-DEATH BLINDS… They are made from Cotton/Poly Blend fabric. This makes them quit, weatherproof, water repellent, versatile and light weight.

Our blinds come in two standard sizes:

· 108” wide to fit a standard 36” x 36” 2-man tree stand, covering both sides and the front.

· And our smaller 36” wide version.

Watch our YouTube Channel "Black-Death Blinds" and share it with all your hunting buddies !
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