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well you guys have me beat, as I have NEVER been sprayed Yet
I know I had some very close calls that I can still recall very clearly, but I have never been sprayed,
nor any of my dogs, or fellow hunting buddies!
now friends dogs, well that's another story, one buddy's dog got sprayed 3 night in a row trying to catch one once!
not the smartest dog in the world in my eye's or my buddies

on a side note, I have seen some crazy things with skunks, that if I didn;t see i wouldn;t believe
I have had raccoons in my yard and had skunks show up, and seen them coons run over shove there noses under a skunks butt lift its back legs up off the ground and walk it out of my yard as far as I could see
and seen it about 25 times now
talk about either brave or dumb raccoons, but NEVER did a skunk spray, and they were certainly looking into the eye of the danger when they did this

and another skunk story of sorts !

I had a friend that always had a skunk as a pet, he used to have there scent gland removed sop they couldn't; spray
said they make excellent guard dogs
his used to greet everyone that showed up, running at you as fast as it could

and if you didn;t know better, you turn and run away I think LOL

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