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Traveling from Seattle to Los Angeles I had a job scheduled, kind of a had to be there type thing, no excuses. Car crapped out somewhere in Oregon, wheel bearing and spindle. I had to leave it in a garage, parts on order. I took off hitchhiking to the next bus depot. I had my dog with me, a guy stopped to pick me up and I asked if the dog was Ok he said sure. I climbed in and then called the dog in, he came running out of the brush and jumped in the car. It took around three seconds, I was out of the car, the driver and his girlfriend were out of the car and left the car slowly rolling down the highway. My dog got Skunked. The whole inside of the poor guys car smelled like Skunk. I scrubbed him down with sand and puddle water multiple times and got most of the smell off. Got to say the guy that picked us up was good sport and gave us a ride to the bus station, all the windows rolled down and us breathing as little as possible. The people on the bus were none too happy about me and the dog either.
Glad the guy was a good sport about it. I'm surprised sand and puddle water had any affect on the skunk odor.
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