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Originally Posted by NeverWill View Post
As every Dem president in my adult life has done, Joe will exceed job growth on average by more than any GOP potus. Will also lower the deficit as Dem's usually do.
please, Obama grew the deficit through the roof. He gave us the first trillion dollars deficits ever. That's another record I forgot to list. While Trump's spending wasn't better, remember, the Democrats wanted to spend 2x more. Right now, Nancy wants spend an additional 2 trillion +. A lot of that money is targeted to pay off the massive debt the democrat states have ran up over the years.

Oh, speaking of lies, your entire 1st paragraph is BS and you know it. Just Newsmax and Fox talking points that you follow as you should. Please call the virus as it is. It came from Italy to NYC in early 2020 from Italy. 45 shut down the wrong border, even when he did an additional 40,000 came through.
please, now you're quoting lies from Fredo's brother. The same brother who just got ripped for lying about nursing home deaths by the democrat AG of NY. It's pretty bad when the Democrats in your own party call you out for lying. This is the Wuhan Red Death and signing an executive order to outlaw government agencies from calling it that doesn't change the fact it's the Wuhan Red Death. Fauci has a lot of explaining to do on why he funded the biological engineering in China that made it happen.
How did you learn to drink the 45 Kool-aid. BS like that should not be tolerated here.
who set record overall employment numbers? Trump
Who set record employment in black employment numbers? Trump
Who set record Hispanic employment numbers? Trump
Who set record women employment numbers? Trump
Who set the record for the fastest rise in take home pay? Trump
Who set the record for the highest ever take home pay? Trump
Who slashed the most regulations and got the government boot off the neck of the American people? Trump
Who drastically cut illegal immigration? Trump

who is the only President to never achieving a single year with the GDP above 3%? OBAMA

At some point you really need to defend the China Joe's administration and the moves he is doing with real facts. China Joe's first day in office was to cut 100k jobs. Defend that. Why aren't there folks able to go to work this week? Trump didn't do that. China Joe did. Explain why to the little guy who no longer can feed his family or pay rent? Tell me why the single mom is now unemployed? Why is China Joe lining the pockets of Warren Buffet while kill the jobs of Americans?
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