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Default Zero'ing issue

To give my S&W M&P15 a little more versatility, I acquired a Palmetto State Armory .300 blackout upper. I've put a UTG Bugbuster 3-9 scope on it with a .75 inch riser to get the sight line up high enough. I am planning on using this setup for deer hunting next season as the woods I hunt limit my shots to 100 yards or less. I found some Winchester Deer Season XP 150gr ammo after getting the barrel, but I literally can't get any shots on paper at 50 yards. I've maxed out the scope adjustments trying to get things line up.

So I bought a cheap laser bore sight on ebay and when I put the thing in the barrel, the dot is just a little low and to the left of the crosshair center at about twenty or thirty feet. It seems that should mean that I should at least get something on paper on a standard sight-in target that is probably 18-24 inches square. What do you think? Is it just that the barrel really doesn't like the 150gr ammo? So far it's been the only stuff I've found.

I've got one box of ammo left and I'll go back again at some point and set up on the 25 yard line.
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