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well again the scope I picked out if a 1 power and they make literally hundreds of like models in all price ranges
But most are battery operated
so check that that is a LEGAL option
if so, the sky is the limit on options for you

If not, your next bet IMO would be to contact a scope maker and ask to see if they can MAKE you a fixed 1x scope, as I would think many could simply LOCK out any variable one's that start at 1 x and make one for you!
as they say never hurts to ask ??
explain your deal and see what they say

as I really do not recall ANY one making fixed 1 x rifle scope EVER, I could be wrong, I just do NOT recall seeing one in the past 50+ yrs , and I sold scopes for yrs at a gun shop!
and any made before that I honestly wouldn;t think would be so great any how, minus sentimental value or collectible status!
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