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your GPS is still capable of working(so long as battery in it is still ok, as its 12+ yrs old now and haven't been charged in over a decade, that is if it has an internal battery as many models do?)
but it doesn't have any real value, if you look for others like it for sale, on places like Ebay or such, you will see them selling for about $25 bucks!
even new in box, won't add any extra value here IMIO
NO bash meant towards your item, just providing you with info I know of on them

between 2008 and now a LOT of data won't be on this item
MOST folks have pretty much FREE GPS's on there smart phones that are more up to-date and on larger screens with more options!

Its sad that tech costs so much when it comes out and be so worthless a few months or years later, but its the nature of the beast in modern electronic's

so, honestly I doubt your going to find anyone making any offers worth your time, as shipping to someone might cost more than there offers!

maybe find a local Boy scouts or like organization and donate it to them, maybe some kid might be willing to play with it?, would be my suggestion here

and again, meant to help, not bash in any way!
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