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Originally Posted by falcon View Post
The federal judge who dismissed Trump's PA lawsuit with prejudice is a Trump appointee. One of the members of the three judge 3rd Circuit appeals court panel that voted 3-0 to uphold the decision is also a Trump appointee: He also wrote the decision:

'Calling an election unfair does not make it so': Appeals court denies Trump campaign's effort to overturn Biden's win in Pennsylvania (

Don't bet the farm that SCOTUS will overturn those decisions.

I appreciate you trying to get this thread back on track. I was about to go down an endless rabbit hole arguing policy, which would have been foolish.

The whole point of my starting this thread was to attempt to dispel the idea that the election was rife with widespread fraud. The polls, although more off than they should have been with a lot of the toss-up states again going for Trump (as they did in 2016) were still within statistical margins of error in predicting a Biden win. The courts have all pretty much dismissed the Trump claims of fraud, (un)equal protection claims and bias and, as noted, many of the judges are republican appointees. There a few remaining cases worth following; one in Arizona is having a hearing today (Thursday) regarding ballot switching.

Simply, there was no coup. Biden won because he received more votes in both the popular and electoral vote.
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