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For the OP. Your OP post made it sound like you're hunting private property where you've previously hung game cams. Are you seeing bear scat on the property? How recent are your pics of the 2-3 bears you've got on your game cam? You may have enough info to set up an ambush on a travel corridor.
Yes I'm hunting private property. I've only seen bear scat once on the property but that was 2 -3 years ago. The most recent pic of a bear was back in June at about 10:30 p.m. (He came to a mineral block I had for deer. minerals are legal during the off season for deer he rolled it around a few times then wandered off) he was a small one. Looked like he just left his mom. The first pic was about 2 years ago the first was bigger about 250-300lbs. I did find a bear track about 3-4 weeks ago while deer hunting right before firearms.season opened for deer
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