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Default with anything... You can do it as casually or as hardcore as you want.

I kept it very simple. Bought a cheap cva wolf $50 at a garage sale. Ended up finding another wolf for $75. These both had useable scopes on them.

I tried one load that gave me 3" groups at 100 yards out of both rifles, and that's what I use. I've taken several deer and my wife has taken 1. These rifles serve their purpose well and I don't have much time or money tied up in it. Just take them into the woods and shoot critters.

Some of our muzzleloader guys have hundreds of hours and lots of $$$$ in their rifles. Just depends how deep into the hole you want to go. When my kids are older I will spend some time and money getting into a good flintlock for PAs late season. But with little kids at home, just no time right now.

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