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You actually believe more than 50% of American voters actually voted for Biden? Do you really think American people are that stupid? You have all cried tears of blood since Trump won hands down beating what little brains Hillary had clean out of her head. For those of us who actually paid attention, Trump was slapping Biden all over the country on the machines, it was when all these mail in and absentee ballots came into the picture that Biden started sweeping up. You keep asking for proof? How about 200K ballots getting "found" and 100% of them were for Biden. That is not only an improbability but an impossibility. And that was just the tip of a very large iceberg. Many states with that glaring of proof was just swept under the rug. Judges paid off. You democrats had four years to prepare this fraud. We expected it but not to these lengths. My hats off to your underhandedness. To bad our country now has to suffer like it did under the terrorist known as Obama.
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