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It's a tough question to answer. I think it will depend on how you want to hunt. When i first started hunting 55 years ago, it was all about the shooting and getting the game. As I got older, I realized I treasured the time in the field more than the amount of game I brought home. I slowed down alot and really got into historical type of hunting. I now hunt almost exclusively with a flint lock for both small game and deer. The nostalgia of hunting like my forefathers and using guns similar to what they used is very rewarding to me. I don't come home with limits of game, but i take my share. Being limited to one shot, and with open sights, really brings out the hunter in you. So, if all you want is more opportunities to take more game, then get yourself a bow and an in-line muzzle loader. But if you are looking for a whole new hunting experience, then go primitive, that is a stick bow or a flint lock muzzleloader.
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