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Yes i do plan on eating the bear. I only hunt for meat not horns(or size) I do have access to a atv. There's not very many bear hunters around here mostly just deer and rabbit hunters and they really just run dogs(running dogs around here is pretty much gospel). There's a LOT of acorns and other nuts this year. There's cut corn fields nearby but all the corn has pretty much rotted into the ground. There's a few soybean fields still unpicked but they wont last long. I'll probably have to look over by the George Washington National Forest area by the WV line there's a lot of bear over that way. Unless I get one where I'm at(there's not a lot of bear around here that I know of) I did some more looking and there's a outfitter by me in NC called Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters. The only problem is that they're in NC my tags for VA so it looks like I'm just gonna have to be lucky :-)
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