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Originally Posted by mikescooling View Post
The muzzleloader is the one I enjoy shooting more (by a lot). I am using BlackHorne 209 powder, and Hornady SST sabots. I can shoot the muzzleloader as much as I want for the next 5 years and will not run out of powder or sabots. On the other hand, I have 20 rounds of Hornady SST 12 gauge sabot's shotgun shells and that is it! I'm not sure I can get any more, I need to save those for hunting. Yeah the shogun has the fire power edge. The shotgun ammo cost $2.50 per cartridge, the cost of shotgun sabots slugs alone make me not want to shoot it. I'm in IL and can only use shotgun or ML
A good cheaper sabot slug ammo for shotguns would be the Federal Power Shok Sabot slugs. I bought a box of them at Cabelas for $8.50 per box. Pretty good cheaper alternative to SST, Accu tips, coppersolids, lightfields, etc..
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