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Originally Posted by hunters_life View Post
Im one of those that use a ML during rifle most of the time. I too am in Illinois. I mostly hunt with an old Renegade side lock percussion loaded up with my own conical bullets on top of Swiss. I do have a custom smokeless ML that will easily do the job out to 300+ yards but my old renegade and I have taken so many deer together I feel like Im cheating on her if I use anything else. I have several other side locks but she is my go to rifle.
I've had my ML for 15 years and it has always been "ON". if I change sabots the ML seems to shoot everything well (I love guns that do that). It has one the best single stage triggers of anything I own, and it's a crime I've never take a deer with it. The Mossberge 500 with the rifled barrel was just setup and sighted in like a week ago, I haven't had a chance to work with it much. It has one of the worst triggers of anything I own. Both of those guns need to kill a deer for the first time.
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