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well I will fully disagree, in MY area;'s I hunt, calling in a coyote is not easy by any means and coyotes here seem WAY smarter than the average deer, I can get within range of a deer every time I go out if I want(I have good lands to hunt) and sure cannot say that on coyotes,ADD in there are a lot more deer than coyotes by pure numbers of them , and well, you can call in deer , done it before, but NOT my preferred way to hunt them by any means, much more productive ways to kill a deer IMO!
I know of maybe a few thousand hunters that have killed deer, but most have NOT a coyote , and have to think that shows what is easier to kill right there!!
BUT this can also be area related issue's, as I have hunted some places that had HIGH populations of coyotes and they were rather DUMB and easy to get on , but that was not a normal scenario , on coyote hunting!
so where your at matters!
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