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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
you can also try asking about at local hunting stores, gun shops, and even fishing shops, you can also contact your local game wardens and ask them if they know of any places, next drive about looking for area's that have waterfowl and start knocking on doors, and asking, introduce yourself, never know till you try
and it also helps to start looking for places to hunt LONG before the hunting season, waiting till last minute or IN seasons will yield less chances as many land owners view this as YOU being lazy and disrespectful to NOT come sooner before season, BUT some will still let you, as crop damages and such can be costly to farmers that have crops being eaten by large folks of waterfowl!
keep in mind hunting is hunting, be it for game or a place to hunt, the more you put into it, the better your success will be!
and it all comes down to YOU and your willingness to try more things and work harder!
thank you for the advice but all the land near me is rural with no houses by any chance do you have advice on how I could locate or find numbers to call and I might be out of luck this season just moved down from Ohio
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