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Jake, if I remember correctly you reload. If you can find them, and I have found at times it is really hard, load up some speer deep curl 240 grain. They are deadly accurate out of my blackhawk and they are very deep penetrating doing excellent damage. I myself have taken several whitetail with them and the old man took quite a few himself. Next was the gold dots, But if you do find some deep curls, you need to load them down a bit under normal as the pressure on them seems to spike a bit quicker. The gold dots are fine pressure wise. The hornady interlock 265gr was a fantastic hitter but it's been discontinued. I have no clue why.
Now as to your yardage limitation, I am assuming that is for your own ability limits because I and the old man both have taken whitetail with .44 mags out to a little over 75 yards with no issue of penetration power. Now granted, on longer shots, we went for lung shots avoiding the shoulder. So if it is the power you are worried about in limiting yourself to 30 yards, you can double that. But if it is you limiting yourself to a skill level, never shoot beyond your confidence because wounding an animal is heartbreaking to any true hunter.
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