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clem i remember when i first started hunting deer on my 12 birthday. my dad & older brother were out in the rain & sitting & waiting for deer & i'm telling you a big buck came out of the pines & i hollered "DAD" look at that big buck. it was only 30 yrds from me & maybe 50 yrds from my dad& it took off like a bat out of hell. was my dad ever p***sed. my dad said that was the biggest buck he had ever seen. but my uncle andy shot it about 300 yrds from where we were. it was a 16 pt buck & probably weighed near 250 lbs.. my dad & i still laughed about that until he passed away in 1996. but i was also tols to keep my mouth shut from that point on . i would give up allot of things to be able to hunt with my dad all over again. i glad clem you were able to get out for the early muzzy season. my brother got out & seen 2 n ice 8 pointers. but it's anterless deer only & seen a bear around 200 yrds away for a few seconds & said it was a good size bear. said it went over 400 lbs.
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