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hey I'll add this, just to show it can some times mean Nothing when you miss a buck
at my one place I had a buddy miss a buck evenings in a row from the same treestand almost standing in the exact same spot(he is known to get a little over excited when deer are close) and then on evening # 3 he shot the buck and killed it, it came into the same food plot every evening prior to this as well, was a 130+ inch 9 pointer I had been watching for a long time, and knew it well, and set my buddy up on it
so again, like i said, a lot comes down to WHY it was where it was when it was shot at, HOW scared it was, did it KNOW you were there (the above it never seen my buddy just knew something was wrong when his arrow hit things behind it)
the prime food source was too much for it to leave the area based on just a noise it heard , as a fact, having trail cam's there it was back in food plot a hour after being missed, as used to show up last 20-30 minutes of light every evening!
it most likely ran off and then waited a bit and then came back out , as never seen my buddy leaving stand(and he knew he cleanly missed over shooting it both times by a good ft or more over its back at 15 yards LOL)
so, a lot comes down to why was buck there in first place, and did it KNOW a HUMAN scared it? did it know where your stand is and you were in it and such, details matter its not all cut and dry on IF it will return or not
I have had bucks run off over the yrs by being scared of many things from tree's falling over, cats showing up, coyotes, ATV's, Humans/dogs, you name it, and most times they just come back when they feel area is clear again, unless they KNOW they were being targeted and associate a tree with a hunter or likes,, then they can be educated to where a hunter is and look harder at the area before coming back to it, even seen them look up in tree looking for hunters!
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