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Default Kids will be kids

Took my grandson out today just as it was breaking light and put him in a good location with his crossbow. He has a couple seasons under his belt so I knew he would be OK until I came back to pick him up.
As I still hunted down the old strip mine road I saw a nice fat doe feeding maybe 80 or so yards out unaware of my presence. I eased down onto my knee and cocked the hammer of my .58 Renegade and pulled the set trigger. As I started to line up the sights for a shot I heard on the radio "Pap". The doe raised her head and looked in my direction. I was just about to squeeze off the shot when on the radio again "there's a porcupine coming down the tree next to me". At that the doe whirled around and was gone in a flash. After I made my muzzy safe I got on the radio and said "well I guess you better get out of his way". I then told him I would be right back up to him.
What a gorgeous morning to be out. We had fun and a good laugh. And isn't that what its all about anyway?
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