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Originally Posted by WVDanimal View Post
Yes, we have had a small population for many years that have seemed to remain isolated to one specific area without expanding. We do have a season on them but I've never gone that far to go after them in our state. Interesting how they prove to be quite the breeder in the south but apparently not in our mountains for some reason.
The real deal Wild Boar only breed once a year, Domesticated Hogs are selectively bred to come in season, mate, and have litters multiple times a year. Your Hogs may be closer to the wild variety?

Maybe the same thing that is going on around here, the teenagers between one and two years old do stupid stuff and are the first to die. The three-plus year olds are smart and the younger ones follow them pretty closely. I've watched the older Sows lead the sounder on a roundabout route to where they feed, avoiding high seats and shooting towers, the teenagers cut corners and break into the open more, The Hog population remains fairly static here. We aren't really interested in wiping them out, but we do try to manage them and keep the damage at tolerable levels. Besides if you don't get greedy you can keep your freezer full year after year.
Many domesticated Hogs are line breed, That is how they keep many lines nearly hairless, fast-growing, more fertile, and with a shorter snout so they can't dig as well. There are lines of Hogs that can hardly dig at all, graze and don't root.

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