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Just thought of another topic I thought I should mention:

This is the "proper" grip for shooting handguns:

That said, with a heavily recoiling hunting revolver, I've found that this is a better grip:

The "proper" left-thumb-forward grip is the standard taught to most handgun shooters, and for good reason, but I find it lacking when it comes to firing hunting handguns. You see, with the "proper" grip, you have three points of pressure controlling the grip of the handgun: the fingers of the dominant hand, the thumb of the dominant hand, and the fingers of the non-dominant hand. However, with the "thumbs-crossed" grip, the non-dominant thumb crossing adds another point of pressure to help control the revolver or single shot. Obviously, you wouldn't want to use this grip on a semi-auto pistol because you run the risk of having the slide impacting or scraping the thumb on the non-dominant hand, leading to injury. But on a revolver or single shot handgun, this isn't an issue, and in my opinion it gives you a bit more control over your handgun, especially during recoil.

That's just my 2 cents.
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