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Default Revolver deer hunting

I picked up a Ruger Superblackhawk earlier this year. Finally got around to sighting it in. I'm going to try to take a deer with it this year.

I plan to treat it like archery and limit myself to 30 yards, and will set up and hunt spots that give me close shots.

Here's the Ruger.

It has these oversized grips on it, which after running 50 rds through it I do not care for. So I've ordered a set to take it back to the original grip profile.

I sighted it in then shot two shots at 10, 15,20& 30 yards. The 10s are centered, 15 a little higher, 20&30 each a little higher. But "good enough" for me to take a deer with. I'll keep practicing over the next month and those should improve. I think the other grip will help a little as well.

Any revolver hunters? Any tips for improving?

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