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Obviously, the original load for this caliber was 30 grains (by volume) of black powder. I'm not sure if I would load black powder here, unless for some nostalgic reason, over smokeless. Create yourself a cleanup issue. There is abundant loading data for a wide variety of smokeless powders - including somereduced loads made for cast bullets.
The .30 WCF was one of the first modern firearm. Marlin adopted the caliber and as a marketing tool name it the .30-30, which fit the nomenclature of the day where the caliber was followed by the black powder charge propelling it. However being a modern firearm it was the first firearm to use modern smokeless powder not black powder. In which case the second 30 did not signify a black powder charge but rather a 30 grain charge of whatever smokeless powder was than in use. You should be able to read about this by looking up the history of the .30 WCF.

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