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Originally Posted by Big Uncle View Post
Too bad we lost another member for no good reason. He was trying to contribute and everyone has their own standards.

Name calling? Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
only one that name called was the OP and NONE of us were harsh on the guy, we just stated what we seen and replied to his post
if he didnl;t weant replies, he maybe should not post, on an open forum, as well, that is again how forums work
you post something, others reply or NOT, and you have no control over what others post!

and if they DON"T like replies, OK< ignore them, DON"T come back on and name call those that did reply and NOT expect the folks he is labeling with a name, won;t reply again back

NONE of us (as I gather I was one of them he was offended by) tried to offend him all we did was state what we seen and gave him a feedback on his claims group size, other wise we all said it wasn't a bad group, or any ill intentions towards him or his hunting, or him being a member here
and apparently he felt offended on OTHER forums when others replied to his post, so apparently, he has some thin skin or doesn't understand how forums work!

but that doesn't stop us MEMBERS here from having the right to reply to a post! with an honest repose to a claim we seen as being false
if he so wishes to leave, that;s on him, nothing I said or IMO anyone said, was mean or harsh in any way!
and IMO a responsible member doesn't let false claims go unchecked, doesn't do anyone any good in the long run
we can ALL be wrong at times and that's normal, too, but we all don;t run off worked up due to someone disagreeing with a claim we make, or forums wouldn;t last very long ! NO??
after all I guess your disagreeing with me and me you, yet MY feelings are not hurt, nor am I planning to leave the forum , and gather neither are you??
this is just conversation no? not a argument or bashing either by the way!

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