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Originally Posted by JGFLHunter View Post
I just don't want them during deer season lol. I went an entire month without seeing one hog at this spot. I just don't get it. I wish deer would eat something that hogs don't like. There has to be about a 5-1 hog to deer ratio on the property. I hate it.
Our philosophy when you want them to move along is to shoot a couple of one-year-olds. When the youngsters start to drop the lead Sow will usually lead the sounder out of the area. We often don't see that sounder again for weeks, sometimes months. The main reason we don't shoot the lead Sow is it makes the sounder more predictable when she is alive, we pick off the 1-2-year-olds, large enough to be worth it young enough to be better eating. And it keeps the sounder on the move and reduces crop damage in one area. I've seen a sounder of Hogs destroy many hectares of ripe wheat in a night or two, the farmers get seriously upset.
One tip, the big Boar might not show up for an hour after the sounder stops to feed. They tend to follow or trail the sounder at a distance.
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