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Originally Posted by Rafael Butts View Post
Hey guys, Rafael Butts here. Longtime lurker first time poster. Here's a topic that I think we all have dealt with some time in our lives.

My neighbor puts up offensive lawn signs each election cycle. Sure enough, he's done it again this year as the presidential election is just around the corner.

I am seriously considering going to his yard and stealing his signs then hiding them until the election is over, then putting them back into his yard afterward (that way I didn't steal them or destroy them).

The signs are obvious attempts at making the neighborhood upset, as they are in clear support of Trump and other right wing fanatics.

Keep your crumb grabbers off the signs! I tolerate leftist Biden signs in my neighborhood, although Trump signs clearly out number the leftist signs, it is called free speech, check out the 1st amendment to the US constitution sometime, get educated.. If you do enter your neighbor's property and mess with his signs, I hope he catches you and decks you!
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