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I agree. Get a conservative Justice approved before the election and prepare to appoint a few more in the next 4 years. Usually Republican Presidents tend to appoint closet liberals (Roberts is definitely headed that way). Trump seems to try to avoid that which is a good thing. I agree on Thomas being the best of the bunch but he's been saying he wants to retire for a while now. Like Ginsberg, he may know something about his health that he's not sharing. Regardless, he would likely retire within the next 10 years either way. I think Trump will get reelected for 4 more years. I'm not so sure about who might get elected after Trump is out of office. I'd prefer to replace an A-list Justice like Thomas when we have a President who wants a conservative and not some hybrid RINO like Bush or some socialist like Obama appointing Thomas' replacement. Tough call but sometimes you have to look at your hole cards and make your best decision.
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