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Originally Posted by Valorius View Post
And I agree about Thomas I was really hoping he'd step down before the election as well.
That's a tough one. Out of all the justices, Thomas is the only one I have 100% confidence in to preserve our Constitution. I know he won't live forever but how do you replace him? Especially when it only seems to be Republican presidents who ever nominate clunkers.
My hope is that we have a buffer to get away from the lone justice that is always the swing guy. It used to be Kennedy. Now it is Roberts. I do not believe the founders intended for 9 men or women to have total say so, and to me having it always to come down to one "swing" justice is even worse. If Trump gets a real constitutionalists justice confirmed, and it does appear to be a 6-3 majority, I see at least one of the justices, probably Roberts go farther left.

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