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Lot of chatter about this issue on other boards. If Trump appoints a Justice before or after the election, the Dems will energize, turn out in droves, etc. Whatever Trump decides to do, the Dems will use it to turn out their base. All of these never Trumpers should wake up to the fact that Trump isn't just going to appoint RBG's replacement. He's also going to appoint Thomas' replacement as well since Thomas would like to step down. Short sighted people go ho-hum about this stuff but both of those replacements will likely sit on the bench for 20-30+ years. Same goes for replacing Alito. Thomas and Alito are both solid conservative Justices but if they could get replaced by 2 more solid conservative Justices, you would see the court tilt right for 30+ years. Yeah, the economy is important but so is the SC.
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