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Originally Posted by C. Davis View Post
Was the KKK a terrorists organization or just a view point?
I think the organization was sued and put into bankruptcy by a victim. Sounds like an organization to me.

I haven't heard of a Grand Kleagle or such among that antifa crowd.

Originally Posted by C. Davis View Post
If you didn't know who committed a violent act under a white hood, was it fair to make an intelligent assumption guided by experience over a guy dressed in black with his face covered attempting to execute two police officers in this current political climate?
Only if you don't often see people wearing hoodies and it is recognized as ceremonial regalia used by the group in question. See the difference?
Originally Posted by C. Davis View Post
I can see why the Democrats are trying to distance themselves from this to the point of calling it all a myth, and why they didn't even mention the ongoing urban lawlessness in their convention.
It obviously isn't polling very well.
Who called what a myth? In English I posted that many statements about 'antifa' are myths. Why is that so hard for some to understand? Folks seem to jump to conclusions.
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