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Ya you cant see what you dont want to see Bo. do your own research. I dont care that you dont like- the news source i post or my opinions or the opinions in the story . - WHOCARES what you think or your opinions on any of these things? Do you really think i do? You have showen yourself to be very limited in many ways sight/thinking etc etc YOU- Someone who likes tto spin a lot of Bs & thinks he made it into something. Kinda like ol bobo o bama & biden,Aoc, nancy p etc when there lips are flaping & moving

And guess what this isnt ( "your" world here) you dont get to make my rules- that you think apply here(). Dont like my opinions & what i post to bad.I dont bother readying most of what you say anyways or do i bother clicking your links. Some one/ somewhere here on this site- suggested that ppl like you( by name) YOU should be put on ignore. A button? I might have to look into that. You will be my first if i do so Bo.

I will put up & post what i like-
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