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But ya-Wow-Odd things one comes across(at random( sometimes not so random to) on utub e,the innernet etc (i have lived in wy the last 31+ yrs- im out of touch some obviously( nothing new with that)- with whats going on in the more progressive?, cultured?)civilized, parts of the country... (61 genders hmmm? And not one of them know there arse from a hole in the ground,who they are, what bathroom to use?/with some serious mental issues)

Wonder if these criminal youth( mobs ) in the vid in that same city(pre present riotdays)ever got therehand slap?cought.Would have killed the guy had he went to the ground? They sure -Startim young( looks like imo anyways) in the city-attack & beat,maybe even kill a guy(maybe next time??)-- for a ice cream cone? sad.

Yes somethings wrong with that picture imo.......In the Travon case the medias at least used a old picture of him( to paint there pictures- they wanted the ppl to see) -As just a innocent young lad , on his way to the candy shop.

But ya imo anyways- i think those in portland & elsewhere using firebombs aginst the poilce, any citizen really(except themself), explosive,s arsons mob'attacks should be charged & givin long timeouts( including fed prison terms)- under less then ideal conditions.

( maybe check these(allofthem) ppl for zombie? various( knowen & unknowen) type drugs & drug levels( something in the water? etc etc hmmm.

Mob attacks NE Portland clerk over stolen ice-cream

( big type dont know how that happened/owell..
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