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Default Wasted outing or not?

I'm really not sure. I had sized five 300 gr shockwave bullets to .451" to try out of my .45 cal GM LRH barrel. While at home I dumped a load of 80 gr of Goex FFFg down the bore, a .45 cal felt pad and one of the bullets. (I did this at home to make sure i wouldn't have a problem at the range) I was only going to shoot at 50 yards to get an idea how these shot. First shot hit about 3" high and 1" right which I contributed to a different bullet. I then went to load the second shot and realized I forgot my felt patches.- grrrr.
I figured what the heck I'm here. Loaded the second shot and fired. Height perfect but right the same 1". Third shot touching the 2nd. Hmmm promising even without the felt wad. It was looking like rain so I was in a hurry and wasn't swabbing between shots. Fourth shot really hard to get down the bore but finally got it down on the powder. Fired and it hit 3" low and still 1" right. I took a min and swabbed the bore with a spit patch and loaded #5. This shot was touching #4!
What a crazy group. I'm not sure if its even worth the effort to size some more and try them or just stick with the paper patched or .451" lead conicals.
Edit: I want to add that this rifle is a very good shooting rifle. Its just that I never had a group like this in my almost 60 years of shooting black powder. It seems odd that if you throw out the first shot you would have 2 touching in one area of the target and 2 more touching about 2-3" from the other 2. Peep sight was solid. I'm sure fouling played a roll in this but it still seems odd.

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