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Default Fun Entertainment, triggering the left

I'm sure this will come as a surprise to some here. I stuck a Trump Pence bumper sticker on my old beater truck. I have to say, I can't remember anything else that has been more entertaining than the reactions I get from the triggered crowd. In Florida I triggered a few weeks ago and back home I've triggered several. They just have to make it a point to flip me off. The only thing I wish I could do on demand is to get the big ball of of smoke from oil burning to come out of the exhaust. I first thought a set of rings were going bad but now I'm thinking it has to be top engine like oil getting into an injector seat. It doesn't happen all the time. But if I could blast that ball of smoke on demand after getting a green light, that might send them over the edge.

A side note, had three old ladies that walked to the pier each morning for about a half hour. One morning I parked my truck on the edge of the road while I was working. As they walked by, the all said Trump Pence yes. Lol
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