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From what a photographer friend of mine told me....

The old, classic, Canon AE-1 used the FD-mount system on their lenses. Today, they are totally incompatible with the modern Canon EOS mounts (Canon EF-mount). Correction... Canon did make an adapter of some type so the "old school" FD lenses could work on the Canon EOS systems, but only in full manual mode.

Nikon uses the F-mount system and has for decades and decades. Hell, it's still used right now today! You can take an "old school" 50mm F-mount lens from 1974 and put it on your new Nikon D7500 digital SLR camera, and it would still mount up and work --- but just like with Canon above, the old Nikon lenses will work in full manual mode, but they'll work. No adapter, no anything. They'll mount right up without a problem.
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