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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
I think it happens all over the country. All it takes is one cop using poor judgement. Many got swept under the rug in years past but now the media is looking for the story and it goes national news no matter where it happens. I will point out that there often is a percentage disparity between races when it comes to crime.
You can't blame what is happening all over the country right now on a cop or several cops exercising poor judgement. The trash that are rioting, burning and looting were always those people and they were just looking for an excuse to behave like the uncivilized animals they were before the death in MN and they will be uncivilized trash when this is over. This trash is sure no one will order the guns to be turned on them, they know they will be free to do whatever they want because the government is afraid of what they will do if they drop the hammer on some of them. It is decades past time to take out the trash, it is stinking up the country. These idiots burn down their own neighborhoods chanting "no justice no peace"! That knife cuts in both directions, if they want peace, give them permanent peace. Once some of them assume room temperature the rest will scuttle away back into their holes like rats and cock roaches always do when the light comes on. Time to show them the light. C I, not often, but always a disparity between races in committing crime!

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