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For what it is worth, Twitter and FaceBook aren't the only ones that practice censoring. I read 5 or 6 different news platforms every day and often comment on articles. For the last 3 weeks or so whenever I post a comment on the Fox News site it gets deleted within a minute or two. None of the comments violate any of the guidelines, they contain no profanity, they are not argumentative and they are no worse than any of the other comments posted. Doesn't matter if I reply to someone else's post or originate one, they always get deleted. So for some reason they flagged me and censor everything I put up. I had to get a different user name and a throw away email account in order to post.

As much as it irritates me, I understand they have the right to do it. 1st amendment is only binding on the federal govt. Media sites and social media sites are privately owned entities and like this site they can set their own rules about what they allow to be posted.
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