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Originally Posted by mrbb View Post
your the snow flake
bounties and REWARDS do work
and they are FACT's proven to do so!

'but I get it, your too ignorant to admit your wrong.

the PA game commission still uses them NOW< in there TIPS program too by the way!
as again along with a ton of other resources that use them with success!

the bounties did exactly what they were designed to to in PA< with the game commission'
they got people to shoot and kill hawks, owls and foxes, how ignorant are you to NOT admit this happened

as a FACT there are still countless folks in PA< that still feel hawks and owls should be killed due to the use of doing so,
ONLY reason folks NO longer still shoot and kill hawks and Owl's are they are protected species, and why is that??

your rightness is NOT immune to FACTS,its sad you don;t wish to admit your WRONG!
but that is something MANY wardens IN PA, have issue's with!

Look Skippy, I have forgotten more about wildlife and wildlife management and the history of it than you will ever know. So, keep on blustering and blathering, it will not make you any more correct it just makes you look silly!

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