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Originally Posted by Valorius View Post
Not really concerned about your opinion as to what I should or should not do to satiate your curiosity, especially when you demand in such a fashion.

If you want to know the name of the 7 states that never locked down (It's 7 not 9), google it. I did to double check- and it comes right up. Have fun.
My opinion used to be the norm around here... If you make a claim, back it up with some proof... Sorry, but in this day and age on the internet, your claim without proof isn't good enough...

Too illustrate, you initially said 9 states didn't shut down "at all"... I then showed evidence that 4 of those 9 states had a partial shut down... Now you say 7, not 9( So is it 7 or 9???), and your asking me to have fun Googling it ... If you or anyone else can prove what I posted to be wrong, so be it... If not, I've already proved you wrong...

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