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Originally Posted by sconnyhunter View Post
Lunker, Rimjob Walz stuck his finger in the air. Saw that the winds have changed and is bending to them. His little cabal of liberal Governors who thought they could band together and stay locked down has been broken up BY THE PEOPLE.

As to how in tune I am. I grew up there. In Elk River, in fact.
I listen to Bill Bennet in the morning when I'm in Superior or Duluth. And TCNT when I'm in the twin cities (Which is almost daily, since I'm an essential TRUCKER). I try to keep up with my home state. I knew that you had a surplus. And now thanks to the ignorance, of Tim Jong Walz, you have a MASSIVE deficit. He could have saved that by NOT locking down.

BUT, he's a tyrant, and only loves POWER. So, you got locked down. Despite the evidence that was available WORLDWIDE.
Umm... What state didn't get locked down? Even Trump was involved in a national lock down...

Also, rest assured that even tho Dayton, and Walz were elected, there are still many conservative minded folks that are still fighting here in your home state... No doubt if your keeping up, you know about the lack of a bonding bill in the latest session, and the possibility of Walz calling a special session... You should also remember that Dayton also tried to employ such tactics, and was pretty much stymied by the conservatives in our state legislature... IMHO, they did a pretty good job of keeping Dayton in check, all things considered...

Though it may seem that we're getting a bit of topic here, I would beg to differ... It seemed to me that you were throwing MN under the "Liberal states that have been running at a deficit for years bus"... Which if you've been keeping up, know is not the case... Have a little faith, there are still many conservative minded folks here in yer home state...
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