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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
It's a balance
open up wrong and you get the 200K deaths. Wait too long and the economy collapses. Trump loses either way. Open it right and the economy rebounds with no huge outbreaks. Trump wins.
You realize hawaii is arresting tourists for leaving their hotel rooms, despite having 65 active cases in the entire island chain?

At this point the lockdown is 100% political sabotage.

Tim pool just reported on this today:

"Hawaii officials arrested a man from NY on fri for violating the states 14 day quarantine for tourists."

You folks have any idea how much it costs to sit in a hotel room and not leave in hawaii for 14 days?

"Authorities became aware of his social media posts from citizen (snitches)... This morning agents confirmed with hotel staff he had left his room several times." THE TEMERITY!!!

"He was arrested and booked on friday, his bail set at $4000."

"Hawaii AG Clare O'Connor said, "We appreciate the assistance of local snitches who spot flagrant violations of our emergency rules on social media sites and report them to the gestapo."

We are literally watching tyranny in action.

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