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Default Best season ever!!

First of all I want to thank everyone that has helped me along the way. I mean back around 12 or so years ago turkey hunting was all new here with half day hunts during the spring season and you had to travel during the fall season halfway across the state. For three years I had no luck. Then after traveling down state I got my first fall turkey with my bow! But by asking questions and having everyone chime in the curse got broken. Some answers I may not have cared for but they all helped me along. So a big thank you to all. This morning I ended my two bird season with two first! The first bird on Monday tipped the scales at 23 pounds even with a 10 inch beard and 3/4 inch spurs. Heaviest bird ever for me. Then this morning while hunting at camp I got a very nice bird that tipped the scales at 20.2 pounds with both spurs being 1 inch even and a double beard! The first beard being 7 1/2 inches and the second beard being 5 1/2 inches! WOW! What an awesome week and season of turkey hunting this has been! Thank you all again as I wouldn’t have ever done this if you folks never guided me along in the beginning.. Just to think that I contemplating on whether to even turkey hunt this year..
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