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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Then the feds offer to pay them for each corona victim. It's not ethical but it's also not surprising that a lot of hospitals mislabeled deaths as corona when the actual #'s were probably a lot lower. It doesn't mean corona isn't a problem, just that it's been way over reported as far as deaths.
BINGO! There is an economic incentive to make every death in the nation due to COVID. The county gets no $$$ if the guy drinks himself to death, but if they can say he died of COVID then the county gets extra $$$ from the Feds. That is exactly the point. The number of deaths is being intentionally inflated. There are a couple of reasons for that and one of them is it keeps the nation in a panic and keeps them from opening the economy. DEMs know that a strong economy was the biggest card Trump had to play. They have a vested interest in keeping the economy in the toilet until the election. This is all by design. China is responsible for the virus but American Politicians are responsible for the economic problem. We are suffering from self inflicted pain.
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