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He pulls out a .340 Weatherby and I believe the ammo was "Fail Safe" somewhere in the 200 grain range. These were reccommended to him by a guy at a gun shop as "great deer ammo".

The deer that he shot looked like it had been hit by a Land Rover at 55mph. My point is that you don't need premium expansion or penetration ammo out of a 30 caliber rifle to take down a thin-skinned whitetail.
its not the rifle's or calibers fault if you get a huge bunch of ruined bloodshot meat,
its the result of the projectile selected and the shot placement,
and the hunters knowledge of the games anatomy.
I regularly hunt ELK with my 340 wby and a 375 H&H,
but I've used the hornady 250 grain in the 340 wby bullet #3335!/
and the 270 grain 375 H&H, bullet #3711
after decades of using those rifles,and during those deacade,
shooting more than a few mule deer and white tails, during hunts.
I can assure you a well placed shot, to the lower chest behind the foreleg,
with a bullet designed for elk,,
hardly has time to expand on a deer, before it exits ,
with precise hits in the lung/heart
if you place your shot correctly on deer theres very little wasted meat.
now if your shots bust through a shoulder or spine, even a 270-30/06-7mm mag makes a big mess.
you don,t need a ton of power even a 357 mag revolver will kill deer, but it doesn,t hurt, to have extra bullet mass or velocity, if your shot placements precise either,
and yeah, deer shot in that location with my rifles, will occasionally run like a scared cat for 30-60 yards,
but its more common that they go nose first in the dirt from what Ive seen.

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